Bingo Oct 6, 2019

BINGO Tonight!! big salute to Dorreen and her grandchildren doing a late shift as a family to fix a stray cat. (the one granddaughter is coming in from Regina to help!!).

That being said we always have some “butt head” who doesn’t show up. So our dumb ass of the week goes to someone who wanted their male fixed who was spraying, etc. But won’t be coming because someone is making supper…. even though her shift wasn’t until 9 pm. She didn’t even cancel, we called her as we know there is always that one dumb ass.

If anyone would like to volunteer tonight so we are not 2 persons short, let us know ASAP.

Thanks again to the others who do show up. Your integrity is special and appreciated.

Free bag of acana (50.00 value) for working the late shift.

October 6, 2019

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