Our History

Sask Alley Cats

We are a non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the welfare of all cats across Saskatchewan. We promote responsible pet ownership as well as non-lethal feral cat control. We rescue both feral and domestic cats and strays left in the streets. We also take in owned cats that owners either don’t want or can’t keep but don’t want them sent to the SPCA to be put down.

We have no paid staff other than the vets who are paid, more for their supplies than the time they put in. We use foster homes instead of having a store so we don’t use precious funds on expenses such as rent, staff and utilities. This way, more animals can be helped and less put down as ‘other rescue groups’ do.

While the charity did experience some difficulties early in 2011, Sask Alley Cats continues to help what animals they can. The charity and founder are suing the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan SPCAs for the illegal break and enter of our shelter and director’s home, but is happy to report that no money is being spent on legal costs. The SPCAs, however, have been asking for donations to cover their unethical acts to pay their high legal fees. You can be certain that donations to us will, in fact, save animals and not be used to pay lawyers.

We are close to our normal capacity of animals in care with around 50 cats and kittens looking for homes. We have been rescuing cats and kittens since October 1996 and will be celebrating our 21st year this October. Our death rate is still around 5% compared to the 75% of other groups. We believe that, as a rescue group, cats should not be killed as a means of population control.

All adoptions come with a two week trial period so that you can see for yourselves the cat’s personality and can discover if any allergies exist. Most cats are fixed ahead of time, but some may be done after the adoption. The program has also honoured the return guarantee for the last 16 years that allows you to bring the cat back at any time, even years later, if circumstances change.

Foster parents are always needed and get to enjoy living with a cat without the long-term commitment. This allows cats to enjoy the freedom of a normal home life and are not sitting in a cage for six months. All medical care is provided for the cats and foster parents only have to buy food and litter.

Donations of money are always needed to buy food and medicine for the cats and kittens. Charitable tax receipts can be issued. Donations of food (soft and dry), cat litter (clumping and non-clumping), towels and cat posts are always appreciated. We will also take cleaning supplies such as Mr. Clean, garbage bags, stationery such as blank paper, and almost anything else you can think of that might be of help. Gas coupons for travelling to cat fundraisers and vet appointments would be appreciated, too.

Saskatchewan Alley Cats has rescued over 5,000 cats and kittens over the last 21 years and will continue to do so with your support.