Who’s Watching The Horses?

Food for thought.

Every year Canada produces an estimated 20,000 tonnes of horse meat, most of which is shipped to Europe. Japan which likes its horse meat VERY fresh receives around 100 live horses a week shipped from our very own Calgary International Airport. Canadians consume up to 2,000 tonnes of horse meat each year as well with Quebec being its greatest supporter.

Where are these horses coming from to supply the meat buyers? Primarily horses that were never raised to be food but found themselves unwanted at some point in their lives. And in some cases, they were wanted by their owners but “rescued” by a SPCA organization then sold at auctions to end up in the Europe meat market.

The Saskatchewan SPCA claims to speak for those that can’t speak for themselves. You have to wonder though when any horse would say “why yes, I would love to be taken from my home and travel the world to become someone’s dinner.”

When the SSPCA puts out appeals to animal and horse lovers everywhere to help with the costs of another seizure, did you really expect the money to help the horses? You have only to look at their financial statements online through Revenue Canada to know what they really mean is they need money to pay staff, nice vehicles, and other office expenses. After that…. Well not much left for the horse, is there?

While you may or may not agree with the consumption of horses, you have to be a bit peeved with this type of misleading fundraising. But then if they just came out and said we need donations for a new truck or a pay raise for the head honcho? Not so popular.

Want to help real animal rescue and not someone’s wallet?

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