Tinkerbell Today
Tinkerbell today

Here is a new baby!! Today her name is Tinkerbell. I will keep you posted on the name! She is doing great, she loves the girls and loves to sleep with me! She is on the Acana Fish brand and she didn’t care for it too much but I added a bit of water to it and she has started to eat it! She loves her treat and she is such a kind little kitten. More updates to come!



Just wanted to let you know that Hannah is doing amazing. I expected her to hide for a while and be shy with us, but she was in our laps cuddling and purring away within 10 minutes. She has claimed the house and already stole her bag of treats. She is so wonderful and no itchy eyes for my boys, so I think she is our forever kitty!
Thank you so much for connecting us with her, we adore her.

Korin and Luna

Brianna Marie – My two amazing fur babies that I adore. Thanks, Sask Alley Cats (Korin 3, Luna 1.5 yrs)


Heidi is doing so well in her new home. Even the husband who is not cat crazy is warming to her. From the very beginning, she settled in. The girls loved shopping for new toys for her. She loves the laser light. She also has her own chair at the back screen to watch all the birds.

Cat in a catflap

Hello Dolores;
Many thanks for bringing to us 3 healthy, neutered, spayed, vaccinated cats. Your love & knowledge for & of animals is heart-warming & you also make your knowledge available in a loving way. Putting the “cat door” in with your advice has decreased our cost of food by 50%. I could easily use 2 – 14kg bags in a month. Cat door allows cats to come & go no other visitors!!!. The 1st 9.04kg bag of “Kirkland” food has 8 cups left, that bag was started Oct.02/12 with 4 cats enjoying good food. We need cats on our farm to control mice damage to machinery etc. Also no need to place poison in containers to control mice which alleviates our fear of poisoning our family’s pets. Also less cost for Taxpayer as this poison is Free through the Rural Municipalities. Wishing you a good day.