A kitten left for dead on the highway miraculously gets rescued!

Our head co-ordinator was on her way back from Biggar one night and her headlights picked up a white piece of fluff in the middle of the road. Her first thought was a small rabbit squashed on the road. Other vehicles were swerving to avoid it. As she, too, swerved to avoid the road kill, something told her that it may still be alive. She did a U-turn and traveled the quarter mile back and found the small fluff of fur. Suddenly, he moved and ran into the dark field. Grabbing her penlight, she tramped into the snowy ditch calling “Here kitty, kitty’. To her amazement, the little furball did call out to her and returned from the field.

After examining him in the light of the van, here is what is known so far. He’s approx. 12 weeks old, white with a couple orange spots. Severe laceration to his lip and nose, probably from riding in a vehicle’s motor and being caught in the fan belt. The tail had been skinned alive from tip to base, most likely from the same motor belt. The poor thing must have fallen from a vehicle doing at least 60-80 km/hr and broke some teeth doing a face plant on the highway. He was cold and in shock, but miraculously, no broken legs. He has been named NOEL. Wish him luck, please, as he’s going to need all the good wishes he can get to recover from his ordeal.

On a side note, we would like to remind everyone this winter to be aware that cats like to seek out the warmth underneath your car. Please give at least a few bangs on the hood of your car before you drive off. Merry Christmas everyone, and safe travels!