SPCA Finances – 2010-2011

The following financial records were obtained from the Revenue Canada site at:

Saskatchewan SPCA Income – 2011
Received from the provincial government
Received from interest
Made from fundraising
Made from selling goods and services
(this may include the sale of animals including horses and livestock)
Received in other donations (such as “creating” appeals through media for animals seized)
Total Revenue:

And what did they spend your money on?

Saskatchewan SPCA Expenses – 2011
Travel and Vehicle expense account
Office supplies
Professional consultants
(this includes 1 head person paid $80,000 of your donation money, 4 persons paid $40,000 each of your donation money and 8 other persons being paid $124,866)
Training staff
Other expenses that may or may not have benefited animals directly may include the costs of fattening horses and cattle in feed lots to be sold for meat. May also include the costs of shipping animals to other charities where they may be put down.
Total Expenses:

Interpretation of these values:
The SSPCA could not live within the budget the government gives them and NEEDS donations to continue to pay wages and vehicles.

It is very unclear how much money if any goes to benefit the animals directly. We see a large amount of money that benefits employees as well as a large cost involved in keeping those employees “in comfort.”

Ironically although the SSPCA acts like the police in "obtaining" warrants and "conducting investigations", they spend a pitiful amount of money on training.

No information can be found as to how many animals are actually taken from owners and how many successfully make it to "forever" homes or how many are killed or sold at auctions to end up in worse circumstance.

Saskatoon SPCA Income – 2010
Received from municipal (City of Saskatoon?)
Received from Province
Goods and Services
Interest from savings
Total Revenue:

What did they spend your donations on?

Saskatoon SPCA Expenses – 2010
Professional fees
Training staff, volunteers
Donated goods used in programs
Supplies and assets
Veterinary Care
Total Expenses:

You should note that the Saskatoon SPCA has $1,022,944 in long-term investments yet continues to put as many as 75% of their animals down each year. Is this OK with you?