Who We Are

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership and Non-lethal Feral Cat Control

Sask. Alley Cats is a province-wide cat rescue program. Our charity is a no-kill operation. We believe that the euthanasia of a healthy domestic or feral cat is not rescuing. A successful rescue should involve the cat being alive and happy.

Where do your cats come from?   People across the province will call Sask Alley Cats when they find or catch an abandoned or feral cat or kitten. Many of these animals may be frightened or injured, pregnant or aggressive. It is the fear of many people who if they send the animal to the local SPCA shelter, it will be put down. Their fears would be correct. SPCAs across Canada still put down an average of 75% of their animals. People want to feel good about getting an animal off the street. Sending a cat to a shelter that may kill him/her just makes people feel guilty afterward and they are less likely to help other animals at a later date. People call us because we don’t kill our animals without extreme cause.

Compared to other shelters, how many animals do you put down?   Our death rate is less than 5%. These are animals who are suffering from an incurable disease or problem that makes an adoption impossible or for staying in foster care. Please keep in mind that being a no-kill shelter is extremely more expensive and requires your support to remain so.

What do you do with it when a cat comes in?   When cats or kittens first come in, we have to decide right away which foster home is available or best suited to this animals. Some foster homes have children, or a small home or apartment. Cats must be evaluated for their age and temperament and placed into a foster home that can give the best care. The more foster homes there are, the more selection for the cats to get the best one on one care they need. When foster homes are full, the remainder of the unwanted cats are placed in the overflow facility in Elrose until a foster home is available.

Cats are then vaccinated and given any medical attention they need. Males are also neutered right away. All cats go through an isolation period to allow vaccines to kick in and profiles of the cats can be determined. Cats are made available for adoption almost immediately.

What difference is there in adopting a cat from you?   Since our rescued cats and kittens live in homes and not cages, we can get a more accurate profile on the cat. How can someone say it’s house-trained unless s/he lives in a house? Unlike some people on Kijiji who just want to ‘get rid’ of their cat, we want you to be happy with your selection as much as we want the animal to find a good home. By adopting from us, you are NOT supporting bad owners and kitty mills. They only add to the feline overpopulation.

What if I want to get a cat not fixed from you?   The short answer? NO!! We rescue cats because there are too many being born and dumped. If you want to allow an animal a chance to breed, you are not fixing the problem… YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Get educated. Fixed cats will hunt mice on the farm. Fixed cats are happier and calmer. Fixed cats are less prone to diseases like some cancers. Fixed cats don’t smell as bad and are less likely to spray. Enough said.

I can’t adopt but I love cats. How can I help?   Naturally, adopting a cat really helps. If not, fostering is an option for people on tight finances or who can’t commit long-term. If not, we always need volunteers for fundraising, like barbecues, trade shows, picture-taking, sewing catnip pillows, driving cats to the vet, sewing blankets into smaller pieces, washing dirty cat blankets. Any of these would help immensely. Of course, money does wonders, doesn’t it? Items to buy for us include Mr. Clean, medium garbage bags, 14″ electrical ties, soft pate cat food, cat litter of any kind, dry cat food (Acana and Kirkland are our favourites), cat treats, cat condos or scratching posts, etc.

Sask. Alley Cats runs on a shoestring budget from month to month. If you prefer to make a charitable donation by credit card, we can connect you with one of our vet clinics who can do so over the phone with you. You can email a donation through your internet banking very securely to the Sask. Alley Cat email. You can mail or post-date cheque(s). Even donations of $10 or $50 a month help so much over the year. Cat food and cat litter can be bought or left at Petticoat Junction locations across Saskatoon.