The Celestial Colony of Outlook

The Celestial Colony of Outlook

This colony of 12 cats and kittens were rescued in the town of Outlook in November 2007. The two moms, Gemini and Cassiopia (sisters), each had 4 kittens that were about 6 weeks apart. They were named Pisces, Puppis, Chameleon, Crater, Saggitta, Draco, and so on.

Gemini also had 2 other kittens that were 4 weeks old and we named them Aquila and Ara. We had to bottle feed them because Gemini had lost her milk. They loved being bottle-fed and as the foster mom would feed one, the other sister would often crawl over her and attempt to remove the bottle from her sibling for herself. Weaning was difficult in the beginning because the kitten would try to suck the food up instead of chewing it. Yet they had no problems chewing on their foster mom’s toes at an early age!

Crater had a hernia that needed repair and Chameleon had an infected tail that was rotting off and needed surgery.

Chameleon, Crater and Ara later developed signs of FIP. This virus is carried by the mother and passed on to the babies shortly after birth. Although the coronavirus infects the whole litter, it is NOT lethal. Only when the virus mutates does it become lethal. Only an autopsy can confirm a mutation and death usually occurs at 6 to 8 months.

All the other kittens survived to be adopted except for Pisces, who is still looking for that special home. Cassiopia was adopted and her sister, Gemini, went to a good farm.