They’ve Done It Again

The Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan have invaded Sask Alley Cats’ overflow shelter and taken animals that they claim were in ‘distress’. The co-ordinator was asleep at the time and the APS and RCMP broke her front door, herded her out to an RCMP vehicle and began to cage the cats. They’d brought cages and staff enough to collect the animals, including the dogs (they have parvo at the animal shelter, not at the SACA site) and the remaining turtle. Obviously, “investigating” involves listening to someone with a grudge against SACA (probably because they weren’t considered appropriate adoptive parents to a cat, like last time) and going out and collecting the animals.

Help the SACA Cats


  1. I have an abandoned male cat. He is approx 9 mths old. My renter left the province and left him behind. I live in Blaine Lake. The cat had been left outside and returned to the property injured. I’ve been helping him heal and now he needs a new home. I can’t keep him because I have elderly cats that don’t like him. He’s too aggressive for them. I have a new renter moving in and he can’t stay.
    I’ve tried several places and no one will take him. PLEASE HELP.

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